Good Courier Companies In Singapore

We last talked about the various levels of courier services in Singapore, in this article we shall chat about which courier companies in Singapore are good, and are recommended.

First of all, there is one very big difference between Speedpost and private courier companies in Singapore. Speedpost will only deliver your items if you were to send it to their branches. So basically, Speedpost is only charging you for the delivery trip itself! However, when it comes to private courier services, the companies will actually dispatch a rider or driver to your location and pick up the items from you. This means that the price you pay to a private courier company actually includes the travelling from wherever they are currently to your pick up location and delivery to the delivery point! You’re essentially getting more bang for your buck and saving time and effort on the way as well! You will not need to dread going to the post office and queue up for 25 minutes just to send one item. Simply do whatever you are doing at home or in office and continue your life as per normal while the courier will drop by your pick up point and deliver it. There is nothing you need to do other than passing the courier your item once he or she arrives. I would recommend you to choose a private courier company over Speedpost …. all the time.

Second of all, even among courier companies, there are so many choices, which one should you pick and how should you best decide which one to pick so that it will be in the best interest of you or your company? If you’re looking to send a parcel or document overseas, there is no question about it. You simply need to engage Fedex. One of the best international freight forwarders in the world, Fedex is definitely still the way to go when it comes to international courier services and shipping services. If you’re looking for local courier services within the island of Singapore instead, then read on…

Third of all, if you’re looking for mainland (including Jurong Island and Sentosa) deliveries, then you might want to check out PCA Masters (contact them). One of the most trusted brands in Singapore, PCA Masters is known to be an extremely efficient and reliable courier company dealing with all local deliveries islandwide.

Alright, with all that said and done, hopefully you now have a better idea of the better courier companies you should choose from for your courier services.