Day In The Life Of A Courier

Ever considered a career in the courier / logistics industry? I would have to say that being a courier is one of the most flexible options and jobs you will ever be able to find in the entire logistics industry as well as having reasonable working hours – usually between 9am to 6pm. When you compare this to other jobs in the logistics industry, e.g. shipping jobs e.t.c., you will realize how much easier it is, and with similar wages! That’s the incredible part. This is partly and mainly because fixed costs are significantly lower for courier businesses versus other businesses in the logistics industry like shipping companies or warehouse companies. This is why you are able to get paid more while living a better life and working a better job.

Out of the courier companies in Singapore, I would have to say that PCA Masters pay out among one of the best in the industry. They’re an extremely generous courier company, which is why many couriers who work there full time stay there full time for long periods of time.

If you are interested in working at PCA Masters as well find their contact details as follows:

Name: PCA Masters
Find them here: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969
Contact Them: 6681 5781

Do note, their website seems to write that they prefer couriers with their own vehicles (e.g. bikes or vans), so just make sure to clarify that point as well with them if you ever choose to work with them.

Review of Local Courier Companies

Here is a quick review of the various courier companies which services you can engage for islandwide courier services in Singapore.

  1. First of all, let us talk about Regent. One of the older courier companies you can find in Singapore, Regent ( This is basically a traditional courier company in Singapore, and they perform van deliveries (mostly) for their clientele base. They operate mainly only for ad hoc deliveries. One thing you might want to note is that they charge much higher prices for residential deliveries as well as urgent deliveries. If you have such requirements for your courier company, then maybe Regent is not your best choice. However, if you’re perhaps searching for a non-urgent courier company, then Regent is a dependable company.
  2. There are also companies like Anchanto ( These are not traditional courier companies like Regent, but is actually a company that specializes in fulfilling the last mile delivery for E-commerce companies which require high volumes of deliveries as well as coordination. They are more of a E-commerce logistics company, as you can possibly already notice from their website description.
  3. Thirdly, there are also companies like PCA Masters ( which are a full service courier company in Singapore and they actually work with both corporate and individual ad hoc deliveries as well as with E-commerce companies or any other companies which require large volumes of dispatching products or documents/items. These are usually more comprehensive in terms of the types of services that they can actually offer you in terms of courier services.

In short, the above are some of the better companies in Singapore in terms of providing timely, prompt and reliable courier services. Regent, Anchanto and PCA Masters are also highly reliable and have tech enhanced services.

Additionally, there are also many old (note: outdated processes) courier companies which fail to successfully address the new needs of customers in this day and age of the Internet. Sticking with any of the above three companies will certainly do you no wrong!

Does it make sense to engage a courier company in Singapore?

Singapore is just a tiny island. The land area of Singapore covers only approximately 720 square kilometers. Does it really make sense to engage a courier company in Singapore? It is understandable that there is a huge demand for courier services overseas as their land area are much larger than Singapore’s. Take the United States of America for instance. If you want to deliver a parcel to your friend living in another State, you will most probably engage a courier company to do the job for you. Otherwise, you will need to spend days to get to your friend’s house to send him the parcel.

In Singapore, you do not need to spend days to get from any one point to another. With just one or two hours, you will be able to travel from one end of Singapore to another via car or public transport. The traveling time and cost is dramatically cut as compared to the overseas’ environment. However, there is still a huge demand for Singapore courier service.

The work environment in Singapore is very fast paced. Singaporeans, especially the working adults do not want to waste time doing unproductive stuffs. It will be smarter to engage a courier company to carry out the deliveries for you while you concentrate on your work in the office. By spending a little to get the delivery done by a professional courier company, Singaporeans get to save precious amount of time. It makes even more sense to engage couriers if the company has regular deliveries to be fulfilled. Saving that one to two hours daily on traveling will accumulate to large amounts over time.

You can only look at it from a benefits versus payoff perspective. If you are a highly paid working professional earning $50 an hour, you will be better off spending $20 to $30 to get your delivery which will take you 1 hour to complete outsourced to a courier company. That way, you saved 1 hour of your time which can make you $50 and you spent only $20 to $30 for the delivery. So the net effect will be a gain of $20 to $30. Things such as saving the efforts and troubles of delivering are not taken into account yet.

So, when people in Singapore ask me whether it make sense for Singaporeans to engage a courier company in Singapore, I will always answer: “It depends on your earning power and whether you are busy at the moment”. Usually, the concluding answer will be “yes”.

State of Courier Services In Singapore

Have you needed to deliver an item (be it a parcel or document) in Singapore and found it troublesome because you would either need to spend a lot to take a taxi / drive or spend very little money but lots of time and effort taking the public transport? I find that problem exceedingly annoying and many people who needs to do business or run errands in Singapore can find that troublesome. That’s why there are courier companies in Singapore dealing with this issues.

There are courier companies offering various types of courier services to deal with the various demands of businesses and individual consumers in Singapore. There are basically 3 types of deliveries that courier companies like PCAMASTERS.COM offer.

First of all, it would be ad hoc deliveries. This is the general kind of deliveries that you would have heard of from a friend or colleague. This refers to the type of once off courier services in Singapore where the person ordering would simply state the requested pick up address as well as drop off address and the courier company would perform this one delivery. This is what most consumer customers will utilize and the most commonly known type of courier services available in Singapore. The items couriered for such ad hoc deliveries are really random, and can range from hampers, to gifts, to documents or even food!

The next type of delivery services rendered by courier companies in Singapore are regular corporate deliveries. These are similar to that of ad hoc deliveries, except that these customers will usually get some form of favored rates or other, due to their significantly higher requested volume than that of ad hoc customers. These are usually deliveries for documents and office items or perhaps even corporate gifts.

Finally, the last type of delivery service in Singapore is the mass distribution type. This is commonly done for one time mass distribution as well as companies which sell goods and products online. These are companies which require a lot items to be picked up from one single location and then distributed to many different places right after that. This is in contrast to the first two types of delivery services where there are multiple and different pick up and delivery locations.